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Resist Now!

The World Can't Wait, Drive Out The Bush Regime - campaign of mass resistance

Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience - No election, whether fair or fraudulent, can legitimize criminal wars on foreign countries, torture, the wholesale violation of human rights, and the end of science and reason." Printed in New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle. Add your name!

Courageous Resistance In Focus

March 27, 2008 U.S. federal appeals court upholds conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Free Attorney Lynne Stewart!

Grace Paley"Let us go forth with fear and courage and rage to save the world."
--Grace Paley [1922 - 2007]

Support Courageous Resister Cindy Sheehan

Camilo MejiaCamilo Mejia: "Supporting Dissent is Not Enough"
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Resistance Book & Film Club

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No War on the World!

Images of war and protest

No Police State! No Detentions & Round-Ups!

Neo-cons, 'centrists' and theocrats

"Democrats Capitulate...Again" — After all the bluster and shadow boxing is over, the curatin is drawn back to reveal 'bipartisanship': more war on the world, more militarized borders, more domestic spying, more respression of 'enemies of the state'.

'God's Foreign Policy'

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