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Reprinted from Antifa Info-Bulletin - Special Edition - January 16, 1997

The 'Public-Private Partnership'

New FBI Proposal for Bay Area "Counterrorism Task Force" Revives ADL-FBI Spy Scandal

There have been reports in the press that tend to indicate that the FBI would investigate "lawful political, religious or social activities even when there is no reasonable indication of a crime." This is inaccurate and misleading.

The counterterrorism task forces that are operating throughout the United States in other cities all operate based on attorney general guidelines. Those guidelines are established to ensure that all investigations are based on a reasonable indication that a crime has occurred or may occur.

-- George Grotz, an FBI spokesman in San Francisco [1]

by Tom Burghardt
Editor, Antifa Info-Bulletin

(SAN FRANCISCO) What do ACT-UP, the African National Congress, Anti-Racist Action, Casa El Salvador, the Council of Arab-American Organizations, Global Exchange, ILWU Local 6, the Jewish Committee on the Middle East, the NAACP, the S.F. Bay Guardian and the Spartacist League all have in common?

Like hundreds of progressive groups, labor unions, alternative news services, and an estimated 100,000 Bay Area residents, they were targets of an illegal covert spy operation by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). [2] (See Appendix below for list of "Pinko," "Arab" and "ANC" organizations in ADL files).

A political firestorm erupted this week in San Francisco when the FBI proposed that the S.F. Police Department join a proposed "Bay Area Counterterrorism Task Force," that "would investigate individuals and groups suspected of domestic or international terrorism," according to a copy of the FBI's proposal. [3]

Though apparently doomed by opposition from human rights organizations, immigrant rights groups, civil libertarians, Mayor Willie Brown and members of the Police Commission, the proposed task force would have operated under federal guidelines that preclude civilian oversight, implemented in the wake of the Bullock/Gerard spy scandal.

Roy Bullock, a San Francisco art dealer and S.F. police officer, Tom Gerard, a CIA "contract employee," ran a "private" version of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations against black, Chicano, labor, left, progressive and religious organizations between 1985-1992. [4]

Bullock, described by Covert Action Quarterly and the San Francisco Examiner as a "paid FBI informant" since 1957 [5] and Gerard, a CIA "bomb expert" who disclosed details of illegal CIA support for Latin American death squads, peddled information on progressive political activists to the governments of Israel and South Africa. [6]

Though ADL attorney, Barbara Wahl, tried to distance the group from Bullock/Gerard's illegal spy operations, asserting that Bullock was an "independent contractor," subsequent investigations revealed that "many of the files seized from Bullock's home turned out to be the same as those in the ADL offices." [7]

Under broad federal guidelines, the San Francisco Police Department could have been drawn into preliminary investigations of lawful political and religious activity even if there is no "reasonable indication" of a crime.

Sound like a license for a "fishing expedition" against organizations opposed to U.S. policy? It is. Under current federal law, the State Department can unilaterally declare a foreign group a "terrorist organization", prosecute political supporters in the U.S., seize their assets and imprison them for up to 10 years, even if there is no evidence of illegal activities.

If the federal government possessed such broad statutory powers during the 1980s, supporters of the African National Congress, the Salvadoran FMLN and the Palestine Liberation Organization could have been imprisoned, deported or both.

Given the extensive documented history of illegal FBI operations (including the employment of far-right "assets" and agents provocateurs from the Lyndon LaRouche organization and the Unification Church network of South Korean clerical-fascist, Sun Myung Moon) [8] -- will North American supporters of the Mexican Zapatistas, the Peruvian MRTA or the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), find themselves the recipients of an FBI "active measures" campaign that could land them in a federal prison?

Instead of defending the interests of the Jewish people against attacks from neo-Nazis, fascists and other anti-Semites, the ADL aided and abetted the U.S. government and the CIA which employed Klaus Barbie, other Nazi war criminals. Unfortunately, the Bullock/Gerard scandal was not a new development for the ADL.

The first documented involvement by the ADL in the service of state repression was in 1947 when anticommunist "red hunters" began a broad purge of "subversives." [9]

During the 1980s, the organization, then a staunch ally of the Reagan administration's holy war against the Sandinistas, participated in a truly grotesque smear campaign which alleged that the FSLN government in Managua were persecuting Jews. [10]

Despite testimony to the contrary by a Latin American Rabbi who was a leader in the struggle against the Argentine neo-Nazi generals, a Panamanian Rabbi honored by the Latin American Jewish Congress for his human rights work and Human Rights Watch, the ADL insisted that the Sandinistas were "anti-Semitic." [11]

The Jewish Student Press Service reported that the ADL had "approached Presidential advisers with the idea of a deal" in an effort "to gain clout with the Reagan White House" (accepted by the Administration) who viewed the smear campaign against the FSLN as a way "to get the Jewish community to join the bandwagon" to enlist public support for the CIA's terrorist, dope-running Contra army. [12]

The "public-private partnership" among intelligence agencies and right-wing spy outfits will undoubtedly continue. As "counterterrorism" and the racist "war on drugs" replace "anticommunism" as the lever for enacting repressive legislation in the United States and persecuting public policy opponents, the best defense against such moves are public exposure, broad educational campaigns about the nature of police spying and mass mobilizations against all threats to civil liberties, regardless of the source.


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The list below is from, Abdeen Jabara, "The Anti-Defamation League: Civil Right and Wrongs," Covert Action Quarterly, Washington, D.C., Number 45, Summer 1993. Jabara notes: "Categories and names are as they appeared in Gerard's and Bullock's files (except abbreviations)."

Organizations found in ADL files


Act Now; ACT-UP; Action for Animals; Adrian 17; African Students Org./S.F. State; African Network; African National Reparations Org.; African People's Socialist Party; African People's Solidarity Comm.; African Students Org.; Africans United for Progress; AFSCME Local 3218 (Vice Pres.); AFSCME Local 3508; Alexandria Assoc. of Human Rights Advocacy; All Peoples Congress; Alliance for Philippine Concerns; Alliance to Stop First Strike; Alliance to Stop Police Abuse; Allied Printing Trades Council; Alternative Information Center; Amer-I-Can; American Civil Liberties Union; American Indian Center; American Indian Movement; American Indian Student Org.; American Muslim Museum; Americans for Peace Now; Anarchist Collective; ANC Meeting; _Ang Katipuan_; Anti-Apartheid Comm./AFSCME; Anti-Militarism Comm.; Anti-Racist Action; April 19th Comm. Against Nazis; Arab Baath Socialist Party; Arab Lesbian Network; Armenian National Comm.; Armenian Peoples Movement; Arms Control Research Center; Artists and Videomakers Against the War; Artists and Writers Out Loud; Artists Television Access; Asian Law Caucus; Audio Archives; Author of Measure J;

Babylon Burning; Back Country Action Network; Bad Cop/No Donut; Barricada Internacional; Bay Area Anti-Racist Action; Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights; Bay Area Friends of the Christic Institute; Bay Area Jewish Task Force on Cent. Am.; Bay Area Natl. Conf. of Black Lawyers; Bay Area Peace Council; Bay Area Peace Navy; Bay Area Reporter; Bay Area Times; Bay Area Vets Against War in Mid. East; Beebee Memorial C.M.E. Temple; Ben Linder Construction Brigade; Big Mountain Native People's Support; Bir Zeit Univ. Instructor; Black Consciousness Movement of Azania; Black Freedom Fighters Coalition; Black Men United for Change; Black Studies Department/S.F. State; Black United Front; Boricuan Popular Army for Puerto Rican Independence; Boycott Coke; Boycott Shell Comm.; Breakthrough; Brigada Antonio Maceo; Brothers of African Descent; Bulletin in Defense of Marxism;

Calendar Magazine (Gay); California Voice; Campaign Against Apartheid; Campus Peace Comm.; Canadians for Justice in the Middle East; Capp Street Center; Capp Street Foundation; Carpenters Local 22; Casa El Salvador; Casa El Salvador Mailing List; Center for Constitutional Rights; Center for Democratic Renewal; Center for Investigative Reporting; Center for Middle East Studies; Center for the Study of the Americas; Cent. Amer. Research Institute; Chair: Chicano Studies (U.C. Berkeley); Chop >Representative Government; Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; Commission of Inquiry; Comm. Against Lockheed D-5; Comm. for Academic Freedom in Israeli-Occupied Territories; Comm. for Equality and Justice; Comm. for Freedom in Argentina; Comm. for Peace and Democracy in Iran; Comm. for Perm. Israeli-Palestinian Peace; CISPES; Cistur; Committee to Free Geronimo Pratt; Comm. to Support the Revolution in Peru; Communist Party U.S.A.; Communist Workers Party; Communist Youth Brigade; Community-Labor Coalition for Social & Econ. Justice; Community United Against Violence; Continuing the Peace Dialogue; Contra Watch Newsletter; Copwatch; Council for the National Interest; Council on Foreign Relations; CounterSpy; Covert Action Information Bulletin; Covert Action; Cuba Resource Group; Cuba Information Project; Delta Sigma Beta; Democratic Society of America; Democratic Workers Party; Dennis Banks Defense Comm.; Diablo Valley Peace Center; Direct Action Against Racism; Doghouse Newsletter; Downside Records; Dykes and Gay Emergency Response;

Earth Island Institute; East Bay Women for Peace; El Centro de la Raza; El Tecolote; Emergency Coalit. for Palestinian Rights; Emergency Coalition to End War; Emergency Comm. to Stop Flag Amendment; Endorser of Proposition W;

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting; Fighting Back; Filipino East Bay Network; Filipino Organization Comm.; FMLN-FDR West Coast Representative; Food First; Food Not Bombs; Free S.A. Labor Comm.; Freedom for S.A. Refugees Campaign; Freedom for S.A. Refugees Center; Freedom Rising Africa Solidarity Comm.; Freedom Road Socialist Org.; Freedom Socialist Party; Friends of Nicaragua; Friends of Yesh Gvul; Frontline; Frontline Managing Editor;

Gay American Indians; Gay and Lesbian Labor Alliance; Global Exchange; Global Options; Green Giant Frozen Food Workers Comm.; Greenpeace; Group for the Critical Study of Colonialism; Guardian; Guatemala News and Information Bureau;

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MADRE; Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; Mandela Reception Comm.; Maoist Internationalist Movement; Marazul Tours; Mariposa Peace Network; Marxist-Leninist Party; Media Review; Middle East Children's Alliance; Middle East Comm. for National Conference of Black Lawyers; Middle East Peace Network; Midwest Labor Institute; Mobilization Support Group; Modern Times Bookstore; Mother Jones; Movimiento de Agrupacion Popular; Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano;

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Inst. of African-American Studies; Iranian Students Assn.; Iraqi Intelligence Officer; Islamic Jihad; Islamic Society of Orange County; Israeli Civil Right Assn.;

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Law in the Service of Man;

Masjid Al-Islam; Masqid Al-Saff Mosque; Middle East Justice Network; Muslim Mutadhakkirun Assn.; Muslim Students Assn.; Muslim Students Union;

Nation of Islam; National Assn. of Arab-Americans; National Lawyers Guild; November 29th Comm.;

Occupied Land Fund;

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Union of Palestinian Women's Association


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S.A. Ecumenical Task Force; S.F. Anti-Apartheid Comm.; South African Student Congress; Southern Africa Media Center;

Univ. of Calif. Divestment Coalition

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