Tips for Customer Appreciation Events

Customers are the lifeblood of any retail store, corporation, or business entity. Without customers, you would not have a business. Are you thankful for your customers? You should be. According to research, almost 70% of customers change brands because of indifference. If customers don’t feel appreciated, they will go somewhere else for their goods and services.
Show and give your customers a big thank you. Let them know you appreciate their business and want them to return.
Some tips for showing thanks to customers may include:
• Loyalty programs with rewards. Give your customers a loyalty program that offers different incentives. Give points to customers on their total purchases and assign rewards to those points. Customers love gifts! Perhaps a freebie.
• Provide upgrades. If you are a service industry, give an upgrade to your best customers. Offer a special discount on a service.
• Donate. Customers love to know that a company has donated in their name. Send an email to let your customers know you have donated and added their names. This type of program shows your customer you appreciate them, and your business is a valued member of the community.
• Host an event. These events can be planned movie showings, sports events, or even a BBQ at the company headquarters. One company, NM Party Rentals, that is in the public service industry hosts a cookie tasting event every spring. Customers love this event and it creates a bond of fun and caring.
• Celebrate a milestone. Collect pertinent information about your customers and build a relationship by sending offers on their birthdays, on their anniversaries, or on the day they signed up for your loyalty program
• Send a handwritten note. A handwritten note shows you care. For sales and service-based businesses, this is a great way to say thank you after a purchase or completing a service.
• Feature customers on social media.
• Pick a Fan of the Week and feature something about them on social media. Give them an added incentive that could include a percentage off their next purchase.
• Treat a customer. Pick a random, loyal customer and give them an unexpected discount at the checkout counter.
• Give away a little something like a friendly hello at the door.
• Give a thank you gift with every in-store purchase. It doesn’t need to be big, but it can be something like a water bottle, scarf, or lip balm.
• Host free drawings. Customers love giveaways. You can simply ask a customer to drop their business card in a basket for a chance to win a free like lunch, or even a discount.
• Send a holiday gift. At holiday time, consider giving customers a gift. It doesn’t need to be big and elaborate, but something cute and friendly, like a discount.
• Treat the customer like a VIP for a day. Cater to the customers’ wishes for a day. Employees could welcome customers, offer them a beverage, and carry bags to their cars. Treat each customer as a VIP. You only need to do this once a year as a thank you.
• Have an exclusive after-hours sale. Invite your best customers to come to your store after hours. Let them choose items for about an hour and offer discounts. Get to know your customers and learn their names. Introduce yourself and give a personal thank you.
You may not think that showing customer appreciation is one of your top advertisements, but customers loved to be thanked, and small tokens of appreciation will go a long way.
A few ideas you could use as part of your marketing can be to put a thank you note in each customer’s bag. It would be very easy to slip a pre-written thank you note into shopping bags. Thank you notes could help customers remember your warm gesture, and you can use this note to include your contact information, hours, social media accounts, and an invitation for customers to visit you often. Let your personality shine through! Use your company’s logo or tag line. Make your in-bag card memorable.
Provide a monthly email with expert tips and advice. What a priceless way to show your customers that you have the information they can use. If you are a clothing store, give tips on how to remove stains. Are you a coffee shop owner? Provide advice on how to store coffee beans.
Use your personality to create an awareness of your business to your customers that will keep them coming back to your store for services and products.
During these times of closed shops and forced in-home stay, posted notes, email, text messages, and even a phone call will keep your company’s name in the minds of your customers. Let the customer know that you will be back and appreciate their business in the past and the future.