Nothing messes up a new day like a sleepless night. Insomnia may have it’s roots in many causes – pain, worry, stress – but the results are typically the same. Lethargy, moodiness, irritation and cognitive impairment are all the results of not getting enough sleep. There are plenty of natural solutions to help you get the sleep you need. Try one of these herbs or supplements to get the good night’s sleep you desire:


Brazillian’s have long known the secret to good sleep lies in being able to sedate the nervous system. When the nervous system is ‘turned-off’ anxiety levels drop, the mind quits racing and the body is able to fall into a deep, restful sleep. Mulungu can help to sedate the nervous system safely. High levels of alkaloids in the tree bark inhibit anxiety, much like Diazepam without the side effects of impaired motor skills. Once the anxiety is under control, Mulungu bark, which usually comes in a powdered form, will help you to maintain a good sleep pattern through the night. Considered a tranquilizer, Mulungu bark is best taken about 20 minutes before bedtime due to it’s fast-acting effects.


Valerian is a perennial plant with small white flowers that smell sweet. However, that is not what makes this plant popular. The root of the plant is what insomnia sufferers treasure for it’s sleep-inducing qualities. The oils and extracts of the roots have a sedative effect on the brain causing drowsiness. Most people combine Valerian root with other herbs that cause drowsiness like lemon-balm. Valerian works best when it is taken over a period of 2-3 weeks. The root is believed to help people to fall asleep quicker and rest better throughout the night.


Probably one of the best known natural sleep aids, Chamomile is a flowering plant that is commonly consumed in tea form. The phenolic flavonoid called apigenin causes a tranquil feeling that helps to promote sleep. This herb also reduces stress and anxiety, which are two of the main culprits of insomnia. Most people consume a cup of chamomile tea before bed to help them de-stress. Once the anxiety level has dropped, the sedative effects of the chamomile tea will help the person to fall asleep and remain asleep throughout the night.

Consider using an herb or supplement instead of harmful drugs the next time you suffer with sleeplessness. Always ask your doctor before using a new herb as some of these herbs can interfere with some medications.