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Global Oppressors Can't Deliver Justice or
Why We Refuse to Wave the Flag

by Travis Morales

I hear a lot of talk by George W., and a lot of generals and government officials, while they are dropping cluster bombs, bunker busters and cruise missiles on the women, men and children of Afghanistan, destroying adobe houses, mosques and hospitals, telling us we have to wage a war against terrorism. Well, if you ask me, they are the real terrorists, they are the real terrorists.

We, the international working class and oppressed people of the world know all too well the horrific scenes from September 11 in New York, the mangled and broken bodies amidst the wreckage and destruction.

Mothers running through the streets of Baghdad with their children as U.S. bombs fall like rain. Iraqi women watching their children die because U.S. bombs and sanctions have deliberately poisoned the water they need to live. Families carrying the coffins of sons taken out by made-in-U.S.A. rockets on the West Bank. Workers at a medicine factory picking through the rubble in Sudan left by U.S. cruise missiles. Scrambling for cover in Belgrade as U.S. bombs strike from the air. Looking through the stadium in Chile where thousands of former lovers, sons, and daughters lay stilled forever by a coup made in Washington. Gasping with horror as the firing squads of the Indonesian army, with CIA lists of political opponents in their pockets, massacre hundreds of thousands, filling the rivers with the dead.

That drunken frat rat, smirking, coke snorting, legal lynching executioner from Texas tells us, "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." We are told we must join the holy crusade against terrorism. Well the truth is, don't go looking in Afghanistan for those responsible for the death and destruction on September 11. don't go looking in the Sudan. don't go looking in Pakistan. If you want those responsible, look on American soil.

These imperialists -- who have perpetrated countless crimes and rained havoc on the people of the world through their relentless global exploitation and their military actions -- have created a situation where millions of people all around the world hate the government of the United States. The blood of September 11 is on the hands of U.S. imperialism. Their war against the people of the world has come home.

And now they call on the people to support their retribution. They speak of war and justice. No.

Does the war against the people of Afghanistan have anything to do with justice? It s the people who are not responsible for September 11 that are being punished.

We are commanded not to ask why September 11 happened, not to question this war and the wars they are planning, not to oppose the disappearance and secret jailings of hundreds of Arabs and Muslims in this country, not to question the creation of a police state and if you do they have their new Patriot Law to read our e-mail, listen to our telephone calls, spy on our political activities, pick us up, put us in jail and try and silence us. But already tens of thousands have braved the open threats of the government to demonstrate while millions more are deeply troubled.

We are told to fall into line, obey our commander in chief and wave the flag in an orgy of mindless patriotism, giving them a blank check to commit any atrocity anytime, anywhere it furthers their empire. We cannot, we must not and we will not because we know what this flag represents.

This is the flag that stole Black people from Africa and brought them here to be slaves.

This is the flag that gave smallpox infected blankets to the Native Americans, stole their lands, and hunted down those who survived.

This is the flag that unleashed nuclear terrorism against the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This is the flag that killed two million Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians with carpet bombing, napalm, search and destroy missions and assassination squads.

This is the flag that trained the death squads and Contras at the School of the Americas to kill hundreds of thousands in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and throughout Latin America.

This is the flag that has terrorized and killed thousands of immigrants at the southern border as they flee the American Nightmare of death squads and NAFTA starvation in their home countries.

This is the flag of the slave master. This is the flag of the oppressor. This is the flag of our enemy. This flag has terrorized the people of the world and the oppressed in this country much too long.

So we cannot, we must not, and we will not wave it, support its wars, or unite behind the rulers of this country.

Instead, as people mourn lost loved ones, as we put our arms around each other, all who seriously want justice need to reach out to the people of the world to stand together against the crimes of this system, to strengthen our resistance against every act of war and repression.

And, as we build our resistance, we need to be crystal clear on the nature of these oppressors who have hurled us towards a new war: these arrogant lying creatures do not rule in the interests of the people of this country or the world. As long as they continue in power the horrors that come from their system will continue to rain from the sky. The Revolutionary Communist Party and those of us who support it have a very different vision for the future of humanity, free from this madness. Together, all of us will bring a whole different world into being.

This Planet Does Not Need Another Unjust War.

Global Oppressors Can t Deliver Justice.

The author delivered this speech at a rally to Stop the War, in Houston, Texas on November 18. More than 200 people attended to protest the war in Afghanistan.

[posted 11/21/01]

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