Corona-Cancellations and What to Do Next
At the time of the writing of this article it is spring time in the year 2020. So many people have been impacted by the recent Corona-virus crisis. It has caused many weddings, birthdays and gatherings to be canceled. Sadly the time and preparation seems almost a waste after such hard work goes into planning these events. For those impacted by this inconvenience many wonder what to do following such a cancellation.

What about questions like…

  • Should you rule out the event all together?
  • What about the costs associated with down payments and booking fees? What if food was already purchased and supplies already purchased?
  • Will the venues continue to operate after the crisis?
  • Can they survive the crisis for the same booking rate?

Well first off we need to take the realization that sometimes things happen that are out of our control. And the most important thing is that our families, our guests, and ourselves are healthy and are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to reflect in a world that has been through this global crisis. After all it is a first world crisis and these are mere rescheduling. If you are dead there is no reason to reschedule an event.

Once all that is been done it’s time to start planning for life as we move forward. Perhaps there are a few lessons learned during this crisis I will help to plan an event in the future.

First it is important to get in touch with the establishment where you have booked your event. Are they planning on re-opening? When will that be? What is their long-term offers for the events that got canceled? Here are some first steps after your event is canceled…

  • Reach out to your event planner in New Mexico today to find out more about the reactive practices of your venue
  • Some venues offer reimbursements on deposits to help recoup the costs. Although it is recommended that if you have your event planned and booked, it is respectful and encouraging to keep those same arrangements so that way that venue can rely on that event as future earnings
  • Once the time comes for reopening these events will be the back bone that will keep your favorite golf course or banquet hall from closing

When I comes to the food for these events that can be a trickier subject to navigate. In some cases of the event may have been canceled so close to the date, due to government shut downs, food and supplies may have been purchased by the venue. In those cases many venues have gone so far as to offer partial reimbursements to help split the cost with the event customer. In times like those it is important to be patient. For people that have booked venues on their own and purchase food on their own to bring to a venue these are risks that are unfortunately taken. Consider trying this approach…

  • In times like those it is important to be patient
  • Much of the food purchase for parties ahead of time can remain frozen
  • Reach out to the venues to see if you can borrow freezer space until the party can be rescheduled

The world has changed as we all used to know it. Hopefully this crisis only lasts a month or two. But once life resumes it will be important to resume the events that were cancelled. That includes birthday parties, graduations and weddings. A few extra precautions can be taken in the future. Encourage everyone to wash their hands at the party, leave some hand sanitizer at each table and consider having round tables at your next event to encourage social distancing.

These practices aren’t bad to have in your repertoire. The new social norms will keep everyone safe. So look forward to your events and have peace of mind that even in crisis events will eventually be celebrated.