Refuse and

Resist This! National Speaking Tour -
Spring 2002

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Since September 11th, the message from Washington has been loud and clear: "You are with us or you are with the Terrorists." From the highest offices in the land have come sweeping changes that strike at the very core of our society - eroding of civil liberties, the secret detention of over 1500 immigrants, massive increases in police power, attacks on all dissenters from talk show hosts to radical youth, and an unending war that we are told may last decades.

But there is another choice - Another World is Possible!

The Resist This! Speaking Tour will be heading to every region of the country - start making plans today to bring us to your area! We'll be talking about the dangers of new repressive laws and the current political atmosphere. We'll share the stories of immigrants locked down in detention centers and youth who've taken to the streets in resistance. We want to hook up with groups who are already resisting, and help build support for those groups under attack. We'll bring ideas from other campuses and national initiatives from Refuse & Resist! And we'll be talking about the need, more than ever, to free revolutionary journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, who is still on death row, even after a federal judge has ruled against Pennsylvania's plans to execute him.

Our generation is growing up at a crucial moment, as the powers-that-be use the 'opportunity' of 9/11 to put into place elements of a police state, enforce a conservative Christian morality, and push into overdrive their quest to become Number One in the world by force of arms. Don't want to go along? Neither do we! Hook up with Refuse & Resist! - the national organization building a culture, climate, and community of resistance to repression, racism, and the politics of cruelty!

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[posted 3/3/02]

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