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Philly Freedom Summer 2001

July 23 through August 3, 2001 - Philadelphia

Join youth from around the country at Philly Freedom Summer to stop the execution and free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Work for two weeks in neighborhoods throughout Philly, strengthening the voice of outrage at the injustices in Mumia's case, police brutality and the death penalty. Join us as we initiate actions and events that set new standards in the battle to stop the execution of Mumia.

Mumia's case is entering it's most critical point since Mumia was sent to death row nearly 20 years ago. Mumia may be appearing in Federal court in the coming months. And the stakes in the battle to save Mumia's life have never been higher. History demands you take action! Sign up for Philly Freedom Summer today!

For more info: (212) 431-7377 or

Whose future will you fight for?

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[posted 5/14/01]

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