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to prospective PFS volunteers:

Philly Freedom Summer 2000

Dear Fellow Resister!

You are wanted! July 24 through August 5 we want you in Philadelphia for the sixth annual Philly Freedom Summer initiated by the Refuse & Resist! Youth Network. Right now history necessitates that you be a part of Philly Freedom Summer and fight against the current wave of conservatism that threatens to root itself even deeper in our culture.

It's an extremely important time in politics and the perfect time for resisters like you to raise your voice and make a difference.

But it's also more than that: It's a crucial period in the case to stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal. A date for oral arguments on whether or not to grant an evidentiary hearing could be announced any day now. There needs to be thousands of people in Philly the day of these arguments, we will be building for that day during PFS. These oral arguments could be the last time Mumia is seen in public. This is the only point in the legal battle that new evidence can be entered in to the court documents. Whether or not we win at this level will in many ways determine the outcome of Mumia's case.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is being held in Philly this year, during the last week of Freedom Summer. The Republican candidate is George Bush, Jr. the man responsible for overseeing over 130 Texas executions. The RNC is an "Executioner's Ball" - a celebration of the death and greed and of the politics of cruelty as a whole!

There is currently a national debate over the death penalty and the epidemic of police brutality and corruption. Also, Bush just executed a blatantly innocent man on death row Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham) despite major outcry from people across the country, including major media. This raises the stakes even higher for both sides!

There is a massive movement ready to bombard the RNC and you should be one of the many voices that will shout in protest. If ever there was a time to stand up and fight, this summer is it and Philadelphia ground zero for the death penalty and police brutality is the place!

Come to Philly Freedom Summer! Enclosed in this packet is some basic information more about what Freedom Summer is and what we'll be doing. Organize your friends and people in your area to come. "Stand up and fight and resistÖ change the political climate for decades to comeÖ!"

Please call or email us right away! There are office volunteers who can help with organizing, fundraising ideas and media work. We also have available fundraising letters and press releases. We can be reached daily at the Refuse & Resist! National Office (212) 965-9030 or send us an email

In resistance,
Lolita, Annie, David and the rest of your Freedom Summer team

Download the call for Philly Freedom Summer

read also this year's PFS objectives

[posted 6/26/00]

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